my father is a bitchy, drill-sergeant sack of shit who also wants know why isn’t there improvement!!! why are we wasting our money!!! after two months of sub-normal dosage of pills and also my mother is now furious with me (partly my fault, but, as ever, dependent upon my father) even though we were getting along swimmingly earlier today. if my father weren’t this family’s sole provider and lifeline i would be vehemently wishing he’d get lost, jesus god, i despise that man so much

ohhhh my fucking god they’re trying to do an “she was my dream of my empowerment!!!” narrative. as if women game developers want to design characters that look like strippers and feel good about playing and seeing them. fucK you fuck whoever wrote this garbage

goD I know it’s from 14 years ago so who cares but it’s also just such trash